Open Letter to the haitian diaspora and all haitians at large



December 25, 2020 ((– We, Haitian people, always have the will to do well and expect to see the best for ourselves, our family, and our Country that we cherish, adore, and are so proud of. But, we have often failed to do the right thing collectively. Now the timing is propitiously correct to enter the arena collectively with a sustainable educative plan and socio economic development project interactively.

Following the departure of Jean Claude Duvalier in 1985 and the ascension of the Lavalas movement in 1990 and other happenings, we had all hoped for the best for our country, with no avail. Coincidently, most of us had conceptually thought that the earthquake of January 12, 2010, would have birthed a new ERA within the Haitian history. However, ten years later, that game changer — expected by all of us — has proven contrary to that expectation.

Instead of improvement, the worst is being witnessed now. From 1985 to the present day, the Country has been devastated. Its deterioration is so flagrant and disastrous that many would not believe it is a human made problem. The political turmoil is taking its greatest toll in creating overture to the bridge leading to nowhere. Our intervention is needed to close that overture and set the ground level to sustain more positive interactions with moral values and ethical consideration for the greater good and social justice for everyone, the true ways to civic education for the children of the country.

Conventionally, corruption has become the norm. Living in the country, it is unavoidable to prevent getting involved in some type of corruption. It is almost the only way to accomplish anything and/or everything in the country. Most of us are corrupted to some degree — direct or indirect, and or by association — even some of us in the Diaspora who have ties with Haiti. All the greed, the incompetence, the self-enfranchisement, the non-respect for public good and the laws, the widespread ignorance of moral and ethical values, and social justice — blended together — have portrayed, at least, a reliable description of the inner self unconsciousness of most stakeholders, the civil society, politicians, business people and affiliates in Haiti. They have failed the State shamelessly. Their widespread ignorance of moral values, unethical considerations and their greed have blinded them to realize their social injustice to the Nation.

Most of the aims to serve the country would mostly be to undertake a leadership position just to make money as quickly as possible without any regard to the painful collateral damages infused on the population. Many of us are heartless with no empathy. As a result, the leadership today gives rise to a lawless country where the population can’t revendicate their own pleas for justice.

The situation is increasingly protracted. It is a fragile conflict that is affecting everyone in the Country and in the Diaspora. The turmoil — between the opposing political groups, the government and the society — is leading more people into poverty and paving the way for regional areas self-organizing for survival and policing. In the absence of the State realm, the country has become a lawless State with no social service, no social justice. The lawlessness State gives rise to many unpleasant situations. As a consequence, the emptiness created is being filled intrusively, not in a desirable fashion or expectation most of the time. The people — left to sink or swim — took matters at their hand, providing their own justice for survival. Apparently, the State policy makers are working for their own interest, instead of working for the greater good. As the situation prolongs, the country is losing its socio-economic mobility which in turn affects, on a greater scale, the most marginalized people and communities, adding to that, the Covid-19 negative impact on the population.

We must agree, to some exception, that there are some eminent politicians, business people and affiliates, and in the Civil Society — even invested with decisive decision making power, whose ideas could have shifted the paradigm toward public good — that their voice could not echo enough to produce the sound waves necessary to impact and produce meaningful results. Somehow, we are all being responsible, to some degree, for the State failure. Indeed, we have contributed to the Country’s declined by either, profiting from the status quo, individually or collectively, in our organization, in society, and in our seeking favoritism or not willing to respectfully and patiently align ourselves for action. In fact, we had been both, the corruptor and the corrupted in our complicity of supporting or joining with the social injustice promoting folks. We have not participated in any concerted effort which could bring change to this chaotic situation that the Country is enduring. Our non-active participation collectively must come to an end. Haiti is our Country, we must assume our responsibility and claim our right toward it.

If you say nothing, you agree with everything. Let speak about and push back the wrong doing for the righteousness to be pulled in to prevail.

Now is the time for the Diaspora and all Haitians to come together to start planting the right seed of socio economic development for the Country to begin a new ERA for the next generation. Obviously, we, from the Diaspora, had started many individual projects that bear no fruit in continuity until disappear. That is the consequence of our individualism in choosing the wrong channel to convey our support to our family and friends left beh ind in their communities.


Alone, we are limited in our action; but together we can form a web of interrelated support sharing of collective values which can echo the sound waves of our integral participation. Together we are stronger.

In spite of all, there is hope to get the country back on its feet. With a new concept of proper adaptive and normative leadership in education for our youths, in partnership with the State, the Civil Society, the Stakeholders, the Diaspora and many more, the future of the Country looks very bright. We should expect to work toward the success of our family, our neighbors, and our compatriots in their space, with cultural respect of manner and condition, which will make us more successful. Just with this spirit and mind set, we are embarking to a prosperous future with collateral and parallel positive results and gains. Direct and indirect jobs will be created.

Areas’ Focus Groups in the Diaspora and everywhere will work in tandem to develop jobs opportunities. Working together will bring effective changes in the Nation. That will benefit all in social justice for the greater good. And we will feel great of our accomplishment.

The country is looking up to us in the Diaspora, and we shall deliver. “The time is always right to do what is right”, said Martin Luther King. And John F. Kennedy said it this way: “Ask not what the country can do for you? Ask what you can do for your country?”

MLK and JFK were two men with different objectives and different racial backgrounds, but history showed us that they had a common goal which was the welfare of their society and the power of their nation. Obviously we can share their vision and put that to use powerfully without disenfranchising our comfort zone. Now, let’s do it together, collectively in partaking on the newly expected way to the advancement of the Nation. It is understood that we might have different ideas, but certainly, we have one common goal; the welfare of our country.

Indeed, the happening in Haiti renders many of us confused and perplexed. And we have asked many unanswered questions. Please let participate in the free competitive world to be a change maker. Consciously, we know that the negative events and actions being displayed there do not represent our values, we are way different. Let’s acknowledge that there are causes and effects to any situation. No one would voluntarily opt for such an abject and embarrassing life condition. The actions in this situation are relative to the living condition imposed on the individuals and groups of people in their communities, devoid of their basic needs and right.

The abject living condition of the most vulnerable people should be a call for action. This in itself should be enough as an urgent need to give us courage and the strength to push and pull together as one people to work toward reshaping the future of the next generation as perfect human capital for the Country.

Yes, the time has come for us to partake in the rebuilding of our nation and to show our love. We can change that in getting collectively involved in one objective at a time by starting with education in the most vulnerable areas, the rural communities. “SCHOOL OF PROXIMITY”, SCOP, for all is one of the policy solutions which can unite the Diaspora within a common goal and objective which is education for all.  School of Proximity is a Policy Solution in working progress as an educative action plan for the country that will be made available soon upon establishing contact and discussion with all concerned stakeholders, the civil society, the government, the business communities, the State and in the Diaspora.

It is imperative to pave a new pathway to a prosperous future for our dear Nation to reimaging its tenure in the world of nations. We must work collectively around one project at a time to actively accumulating the participative interaction and contribution of the Diaspora and all Haitians in an action plan that will suit and guide everyone’s supportive and participative involvement in a controllable manner of eying their contribution at work with transparency. It will be systematically an open book for all, “with personal ID for control”, which will prevent anyone from being duped by someone or entity within the project. The action plan will be unveiled upon completion of surveying and diagnosing the impact of the complex web of actors which will partake in the endeavor: Markets, Government, and Civil Society with their input and contributing info and responsibilities.

We must stand ready to participate in Focus Groups in your area to ideating and positioning yourselves to your contributive participation to our Country. Everyone can play a positive role, just be assertive and recognizant. We are open to comments and suggestions.

We are very grateful to everyone who understands our plea toward assistance to our country. We have to do things together to bring social justice to our brothers and sisters in the country in eliminating the blighted social and economic exclusion they are in. Let invest within ourselves. That is a sine qua non condition to rise up from the ashes. It is imperative to bring our forces together for the common good. We are ready to put our ID, “IDeas”, together with yours to work toward common goals, to change and reimaging our Nation in a “PUSH ID”, Initiative Diaspora

SCOP is a Diaspora’s project for Haitians families living in poverty-driven rural areas, deprived of their basic needs and right, whose children can’t enroll in school at their school age. In partnership with the State of Haiti, SCOP will bring social justice to those vulnerable rural communities and establish the pathway to transparent and inclusive socio-economic development. SOCIAL HARMONY CORPORATION, Inc. “SHAC” is leading the Initiative Diaspora (ID) to participate and contribute to the development of our country inclusively.

E Pluribus Unum. Together we are stronger. Union fait la force. Men anpil chaj pa lou.

Please feel free to contact us, without regard to your political appurtenance, and your social affiliation. Please, doing so, identify yourself only as a willing agent of interactive development for the greater good — a change maker.

Pradel Vilme
Mediator, MBA.
Certified Public Leadership
Chairman/ President of
SOCIAL HARMONY Corporation Inc.
Telephone: 305 788-4203

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